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Denis Sulta
Our World (With A Boy On Its Shoulders)
Sulta Selects
23 Oct 2017
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Denis Sulta - Our World (With A Boy On Its Shoulders) - Sulta Selects - SULTASELECTS-2

Genre House
Notes A story about a man separated from his group of travellers, lost in the Amazon Rainforest. He comes across a small settlement inhabited by people of a completely different mindset and way of living. They take him in and show him how to look at the world in an alternative way, which evokes an incredible revelation in him. He then goes off into the wilderness alone in search of his comrades, and everything is completely different to how he first perceived. This is extremely overwhelming and euphoric. He eventually finds himself at the top of a gigantic tree that stands tall as the sky, right at the crest of a majestic waterfall. As his journey peaks, he jumps from the tree into the water below. As he surfaces for air, things seem 'normal' again. As is if it had never happened, but he knows something in him has changed. His companions are waiting at the bank of the river for him. He rejoins the group. As they head for basecamp, he realises there is no way that he will ever be able to express what he experienced that day. His journey is his own, and always will be.